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FIA European GT3 Championship 2006-


During the summer of 2005, a decision was made to transform selected Z06 road cars into a new breed of racer to compete in the world's top GT3 championships. The first series to introduce this new GT3 class was the SRO and FIA's GT3 Championship. The first export car (vin #83 Z06) was sent to Team Carsport Europe owned by well know racing pilot Toine Hezemans (owner of a C6.R in FIA GT) for evaluation. Based on their racetrack test results, Team Carsport saw instant potential in the car. Hezemans contracted Callaway Competition in conjunction with Koos Pettinga, manager at Corvette Europe, to convert the street Z06 into a Z06R GT3

Director of Callaway Competition in Germany, Ernst Woehr, jumped at the chance to work on the new Z06. The first car was stunning. After a great inaugural season in the form of 2 teams with each 3 cars, a new group of teams took interest in the car for 2007. The first customer teams to take ownership of the new car included series like: BelCar, Dutch Supercar Challenge, VLN Germany and the Italian/Spanish GT Open. With new teams, names, sponsors, and drivers, the Z06R looks even stronger for the new season.

The Z06R went on to claim wins and propelled Callaway to claim the first series title win for the car: the 2007 FIA GT3 Team Champion and the 2008 FIA GT3 Drivers Champion. For the new season, the Z06R will be seen with even more teams and new mechanical updates.


- GT racing car based on FIA GT3 regulations (not road legal)
- Front mounted longitudinal V 8 engine with 6 speed rear trans-axle and rear wheel drive
- Car has standard Corvette Z06 components unless otherwise stated
- Optional passenger seat installation

- Standard LS7 V8 engine mapped for 98 octane unleaded fuel
- Standard Dry sump
- EFI engine management system
- Manuel throttle actuation
- Motor sport Engine wiring loom
- Stainless steel 2-2 and 2-1 headers, crossover pipe, exhaust manifolds with straight through rear exit exhausts
- Optional silencers available
- Power output 377 kw @ 6300 rpm
- Torque output 600 Nm @ 5500 rpm
- Max engine rpm 7200
- 515 bhp

- Standard Z06 clutch, with central clutch release
- Aluminium Torque tube with extra cooling
- Standard Z06 6 speed manual transaxle with cooling, reinforced Tremac internals in development
- Traction Control

- Alcon 6-piston Front calipers, standard 4-piston rear caliper
- 370mm vent front disc, 335mm vent rear disc
- Ap racing pedal box
- Manually adjustable front / rear brake bias
- Front brake cooling ducts

- ATS forged aluminium
- Front 18" rim 12" wide
- Rear 18" rim 13" wide

- Front 325/650-18
- Rear 325/705-18

- Sparco Hans seat
- Sparco 6-point Hans harness
- Adjustable steering wheel position
- Adjustable pedal position
- AP Racing pedal box
- AIM back lighted driver display, with Data recorder
- Sparco Aluminium fire extinguisher system
- Light weight wiring harness
- Optional driver cooling AC
- Optional passenger seat installation

- Length 4570mm
- Width 1998mm
- Wheelbase 2648mm
- Dry weight 1210kg
- Fuel capacity 100ltrs

- Standard Z06 hydro formed aluminium chassis
- Bolted and bonded steel roll cage to FIA safety standards
- 100 litre FT 3 fuel cell
- pneumatic jack system

- Carbon composite body panels
- Poly-carbonate front windscreen
- Poly-carbonate rear window
- Carbon composite standard doors
- Composite front splitter
- Adjustable composite rear wing

- Rose jointed independent double wishbone front and rear
machined aluminium uprights
- Central wheel locking system
- Moton dampers with bump and rebound adjustment
- Front and rear anti-roll bar
- Quick release steering wheel


VIDEO: 2008 Onboard Z06-R at Nurburgring

VIDEO: 2007 FIA GT3 Season Montage

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